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Manifitstation is the New Workout

WORKOUT FOR FREE with the Swagga Fitness team of nutritionists and trainers when you PURCHASE A PERSONALIZED MEAL PLANS PLUS VEGAN NUTRITION PLAN(Assessment Included).


This is our Full Body Revamp system used during the challenge to calibrate, strengthen, and make your body, mind, and spirit more powerful than you can ever imagine.

You will learn our Full Body Revamp System (FBR60®) which includes Subliminal Dynamics(SD), Anatomical Energetics(AE).

CALIBRATE the body, STRENGTHEN the brain, UNLOCK the mind, and MAKE the soul very POWERFUL. FOR FREE!

We will educate you on nutrition, get you ripped, and open your eyes to a new life!  It’s a twist of fitness and manifestation tailored to make you a successful, confident, goal achiever that will keep you feeling AMAZING, looking AMAZING, and STAYING FOREVER YOUNG.


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The Science Behind Manifitstation

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